We’re relaunching!

3 lockdowns down, we’ve been busy reading up on London’s history. And we found some pretty crazy sh*t.

As Londoners, we all know this is the best city in the world, but what we don’t know is the mind-blowing history that happened under our nose. Until now…

We’re relaunching to help you discover London

Expanding beyond dusty museums to help Londoners discover the secret history of London, through immersive scavenger hunts.

Our mission is to surface the stories, secrets and hidden gems of London. But you have to earn it by solving clue-after-clue with friends.

Time to explore London

So Boris says you hang out in groups of 6. Our games are played in groups of up to 6. Coincidence? No, fate.

Turn off Netflix, scramble your squad and book to play one of our London experiences.

What are you doing this weekend?

Whatever you have planned, cancel it. Grab a friend or five and hit up the history of Central London. Get clues sent to your phone and use your powers of observation to find the answer. You’ll uncover secret stories and hidden corners of the World’s greatest city – if you can solve the clues. Sounds like thirsty work? We’ve got you covered with pub stops at the Capitals best boozers, often dripping with delicious alcohol-fuelled history themselves.

Narrated by our very own Lady Lambeth, drag yourself around the streets of drags to discover London’s oldest gaybourhood. No, this isn’t Soho. This is Voho, darling. Book The Queer History of Vauxhall now.

The Queer History of Vauxhall not for you? How a a job interview? Set in the world of Sweeney Todd, Mrs Lovett is looking for an apprentice with a strong stomach and a meaty brain. Don’t meat her standards? You might just end up in one of her pies. Book Mrs Lovett’s Apprentice now.

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